Websites I like

A selections of things I like on the Internet


There are a lot of shops on the Internet but some of them are better than others


The best way to massively share files over the internet, don't forget to use a VPN if you don't wan't your government/anyone to know what you download

A selection of mostly safe websites to find torrents :

If one of the link is blocked in your country change your DNS or use a VPN

Good softwares

The software I use on a daily basis

Desktop environment: dwm, suckless tools. Designed to be as simple and effective as possible, with as little dependencies as possible, take some time to get used to but won't ever get in your way, very easy to install from source, comfy af
Browser: librewolf which is a fork of firefox without corpo nonsense and without telemetry and lots of pricacy features, I wish I didn't have to use something as bloated as firefox or a clone of it but the web is what it is. Honorable mentions to dillo and netsurf, very based projects and I try to keep this site as viewable as possible on those
Mail client: neomutt through mutt-wizard, janky af but everything else I tried was actually jankier. Maybe emacs would work fine as a mail client but that thing's an entire operating system with some learning curve I've never felt like falling into that stuff yet. Do not use aerc the software will crash and lose the mail you took dozens of minutes to write
Text edition: neovim. Unironically easy to use do not believe those who says it's complicated, you just have to learn for one afternoon then you have the easiest text editor you can use on every machine you have, desktop, servers, phones. I don't use any extension tho they a hassle to install, LSPs get in my way I don't like them, I did install NERDTree once its kinda nice sometimes i guess
Sync tools: rsync, netcat. rsync is comfy af in one command line I can get a whole folder from one of my computer to another, netcat can throw stdin over the network which can be useful af too, I usually use it to transfer small files from a machine to another
Music player: mpd, mpc with shell scripts linked to keyboard shortcuts and dmenu
Android apps: Termux, launch linux/unix software on phone, I use neovim as my dream journal and note app that way. Newpipe, to download youtube or play youtube music. f-droid, like the playstore except the apps there are actually good. OpenCamera, it just works better than the normal camera app on my phone. VLC is comfy as a music player. HeliBoard is a comfy keyboard
Programming language: golang, that shit's so good it's unbelievable. lua is probably the best interpreted language out there (haven't used it in a while). I still have a soft spot for BASIC. I hate python so much I will actively avoid software written in it (yt-dlp being a notable exception to this). I learnt JS at school, that shit's weird af but it's fine for little browser scripts I guess (no point in nodejs at all when golang is a thing, apart from the lack of var types in js which could make it less of a hassle to code some stuff, am too much of a noob to know if thats actually a good thing tho). POSIX Shell scripts are scattered all across my computers they automate everything, comfy af fr fr
Virtual machines: virsh and virt-manager, that's what I use for gaming works really great. On small systems qemu is actually good to use, commands are long af but if you used to make scripts thats no problem
Operating systems: netbsd is comfy as long as you don't need linux features, artix is probably the best OS for desktop but a hassle to install unless you use the iso with desktop on it which is bloated af, alpine is the best distro as long as you're fine with musl (hard to install proprietary software, official nvidia drivers uninstallable), debian is a real pain with its outdated packages but at least there are a lot of tutorials for it online, I only use it cause most VPS providers don't provide anything better

Basically I fell for the suckless/unix philosophy meme and that shit's comfy af, if you wanna learn and get hyped about that kind of stuff luke smith's videos are a good starting point

Honorable mentions to hyprland which is pretty based and comfy, I had to stop using it cause they really enjoy to move fast and break everything all the time but if you're fine with that and fine with wayland I don't think there is any better compositor out there

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